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We help you to collect crypto without pain
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How does it work?

Unlock billing features in a few steps
Step. 1
Set up your profile
Create an account, Fill in a few additional details to personalize your profile. Congratulations🎉 You have your online shop ready!
Step. 2
Create a product
Provide details about your product or service, set the price, and get the payment link - no coding skills are required.
Step. 3
Share with your audience
Simply post your product link on your blog, social media accounts, or any other public platform, or share it personally with those who need it.
Step. 4
Accept payments
Easily accept payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Track your customer's billing with our user-friendly statistics feature.
Step. 5
Manage your funds
Our platform makes it simple for you to withdraw your earnings - transfer accumulated funds to external accounts or work directly with our internal wallet.
Sofia Johnson — 3D Model Creator
3D Assets Pack
3D assets and models pack created for VRChat...
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Top features

Connect payments fast.

The fastest way to connect billing without a company registration and other pains

10+ Crypto

Built-in wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies within account without the need to set up and manage separately

Minimum Fee

We use a minimum fee algorithm for determining the lowest possible fee that can be charged for a blockchain transaction


Flexible solution with no technical background need. Build payment links within editor, create as many as necessary


We offer a range of features to ensure the security of wallets, including support for secure payment methods and enforcing strong password policies
for whom

for entrepreneurs and creators

Join our community and take your business to the next level
Freelancers and gig workers
who want to receive payment in cryptocurrency to avoid transaction fees and cross-border payment issues
YouTube bloggers and content creators
who want to receive donations or payments from their followers in cryptocurrency
Small business owners and online shoppers
who want to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers and who prefer to pay with cryptocurrency to take advantage of its security and fast transaction times
Charitable organizations
that accept cryptocurrency donations for increased transparency and lower transaction fees
E-commerce platforms
that want to offer their customers a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrency

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